Date : June 2017

We, at the Center of Hope, were privileged to have Dr. Isabelle Jang volunteer with us from 11 May to 15 June 2017. Dr. Jang volunteered with us through our longstanding friends, TOUCH International, Singapore. Her mission was to serve Sri Lanka by conducting free medical clinics in collaboration with the Center of Hope.

Dr. Jang began her time in Sri Lanka by joining forces with the medical team from Every Nation Church that was serving in collaboration with us at the time, in Meethotamulla, Werahara and Karadiyana. Moved with compassion for children, Dr. Jang went on to spend several days meticulously screening each one of the children enrolled at the Center of Hope in Mattakkuliya. In doing so, Dr. Jang identified those who suffered from vision, dental and malnutrition issues. Taking time to carry out preliminary research, Dr. Jang worked hard to develop a milk programme for the children she identified as suffering from malnutrition. She also evaluated our nutritional program on the whole, and made several useful recommendations, based on her findings. In addition to this, Dr. Jang served by carrying out free medical clinics at the Center of Hope in Thirukkovil, and in our church premises in Narahenpita. She took a personal interest in evaluating the medical status of each member of staff of People’s Church, making recommendations to several members of staff, regarding their health and overall wellbeing, and even praying with those who needed encouragement.

Dr. Jang left no stone unturned. She took the time to address some of our long-term needs by working on a medical inventory system for the Center of Hope, and coming up with a very efficient medical records system for us. Over and above all this, Dr. Jang joined hands with People’s Church in June 2017, when it was busy with its flood relief effort. She worked tirelessly alongside People’s Church, by conducting free medical clinics in areas such as Kaluaggala, which were badly affected by the floods. A helper, Rukshani, had this to say about Dr. Jang’s service: “Dr. Jang’s sincerity, hard work, and compassion was not only tangible, it was contagious. I learned a lot about self-sacrifice and giving of one’s best, by watching the way she served.”

We look forward to having Dr. Jang with us again, in the years to come.