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Kidz Klubz – the arm of the Center of Hope which works to instill good values and habits in children from underprivileged backgrounds – operates through a committed network of volunteers. These volunteers teach an interactive curriculum that is developed in-house to meet the specific needs of the communities served. Kidz Klubz operates in close to 250 locations in Sri Lanka, and therefore, its impact is felt far and wide.

Once every term, Kidz Klubz conducts a teacher development program to train and empower its volunteers to face the challenges that lie ahead of them, and to equip them to build meaningful relationships with the children they serve. The first teacher development program for 2018 was held at People’s Church on 13 January 2018, at 8:00 am.

The volunteers who attended were taken through the syllabus for the first term, including all the games, crafts and activities that form part of the lessons. We trust that each of our volunteers are ready to face the term ahead, as they continue to be a blessing to thousands.