Date : January 2018
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The Center of Hope had the honor of receiving a donation from its youngest donor ever, in January 2018. The little donor is so young that she can hardly walk yet, and can only say a few words on her own, but her incredible parents have already instilled in her the spirit of generous giving. Together with her parents, our little donor had collected a large container of small change. Her parents handed it over to us, with joy, and asked us to use it to bless the little ones at the Center of Hope. “What better investment could there be, than an investment in someone else’s life, even if it is in a small way” the young mother said.

The donation made was used to buy a treat of ice cream for all our children at COH Mattakkuliya. We have never seen happier smiles all round.

Next time you find yourself saying things like, “I am not qualified to make a difference!” or “I don’t have the skills it takes!” or “I am too old to get out there!” or “I don’t have any experience..” or “I am too young to do anything!!” — remember this little family, and be encouraged, that you too can make a difference.