Date : September 2017

Kidz Klubz is a value-based education program that is administered on a weekly basis in over 200 locations across Colombo and its suburbs by a large network of volunteer teachers. This program is administered to children between the formative years of 4 and 14 who live in difficult circumstances. The children enrolled in our Kidz Klubz learn key values through a curriculum that is developed in-house.

On 02 September 2017, Kidz Klubz conducted its Teacher Development Program at People’s Church. Trainings such as this are held at the beginning of each new term, to develop the competency of Kidz Klubz teachers, and to prepare them for the challenges that are ahead of them.

At this training, our Kidz Klubz teachers were given the opportunity to go through each lesson, activity, craft and game, to be imparted to the children in the term to come, and to iron out any difficulties they had. At the end of the training, the teachers felt refreshed and ready to meet the needs of the children they serve.

We truly appreciate the willingness and commitment of our Kidz Klubz teachers.