Date : August 2017

17 children enrolled at our Center of Hope in Mattakkuliya had the exciting opportunity to participate in the ‘Dazzling Diamonds – Unstoppable Dynamites’ dance concert organized by the Mighty Step Academy of Dance, on 26 August 2017.

The event, which was exceptionally well attended, was held at the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority auditorium. A number of members of our staff, as well as some of our volunteers and donors accompanied the 17 excited little dancers to the event.

Mighty Step has been associated with the Center of Hope since 2015, when its founder started giving our children dance lessons. This is the second Mighty Step concert that our children have had the opportunity to participate in.
We value opportunities like these, as they not only make for exciting outings and experiences for our children, they also help our children develop their talents and venture forth into the world!