Date : December 2017

A team of 8 teachers volunteering with TOUCH International, visited Sri Lanka to run a free teacher training program called ‘TeachUP,’ in collaboration with the Center of Hope, from 07 to 09 December 2017. TeachUP is a 3-day training program that engages teachers through hands-on activities and games, in key principles of classroom management, lesson planning, and the imparting of values.

TOUCH International has run TeachUP in collaboration with the Center of Hope twice every year since 2012. This time, the participants were 54 primary school teachers selected by the Zonal Education Office in Kalkudah. This Zone is considered the most backward Zone in the Eastern Province. The program was held at the Central Collage in Chenkalady.

On 06 December 2017, our team met with 36 teachers who went through TeachUP in June 2017. Their feedback was very encouraging. They said they were able to use lots of the methods they were introduced to at the training, and found them to be very effective. The 54 teachers who participated this time were also full of praise for the program, and were very optimistic of the outcome. They were grateful to TOUCH and to the Center of Hope for organizing a training such as this.

Many teachers who completed this training, told our team they were challenged to change their attitude and to be more interactive with their students.

“We want more of this kind of training!” they said, with appreciation.